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Move funds between your accounts and schedule transfers, plus use Send Money with Zelle® to pay friends quickly, easily and for free. View all your account activity and balances, pay bills automatically, set up e-mail alerts and more.

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Explore unexpectedly human ways to manage your bank accounts 24/7—even when you're on the go.

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Enroll in Online Banking.

Get the most out of your Motec Bank accounts with secure online services like Bill Pay, Send Money with Zelle1, online statements, e-mail alerts and more.

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Set up alerts in Online Banking and the Motec Bank Bank app to manage your account

The best financial tools and advice for every need.

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Simple and secure personal banking available in person, online, or on your device. Talk to one of our experienced Bankers about opening a new account, or get help with your existing accounts.

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Our Testimonials

Client’s Feedbacks

"We switched all our banking to West Prime, which was smooth and easy. They listen and truly understand agriculture and the needs of our business. "

David Smith
JHKL Owner

"We are extremely happy with the level of support for our two companies, including much-needed PPP funding. They focus on relationships really understands what a business needs. Our loan gave us the capacity to give back to the community."

David Smith
JHKL Owner

“Consectetur adipiscing elit velit porta sapien purus erat nec, a ornare laoreet sem gravida accumsan in commodo aliquet nascetur maecenas. Sem tempus hendrerit diam mauris leo magna sociosqu viverra, accumsan massa tristique egestas cum sodales hac lacinia feugiat scelerisque porttitor”

David Smith
JHKL Owner